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   "Go to Key West and look up Will Soto." This was the advice of veteran street performer "Crazy Richard, the Madd Juggler", given to a young juggler by the name of "Tommy Tropic".


Tommy made a 30 year career out of what he learned from Richard, Will, and the other buskers. He has performed all over Michigan, Florida, and the Caribbean. Now he's producing festivals in the towns where he has made his living for all his fans! 

In 1989 Tommy took Richard's  advice and stumbled into the World's very first international busker festival, the "Key West Busker Festival". ("busker" is what street performers call themselves) The producer of that festival? None other than Will Soto.


"A street show is better to a kid than any other kind, because at the end, he has not only met you but given you something. That makes you his friend." - Crazy Richard, the Madd Juggler


Tommy Tropic and Crazy Richard at the Blissfest 1986 and 2010

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